About project

Children begin to use digital technology sooner than pencils. Scientists recommend to begin develop children computational thinking as early as possible. Soon everyone will be surrounded only by smart technology, so everybody must be able to manage, upgrade, communicate with it and to develop even smarter world.

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania together with the Education Development Center initiated project “Informatics in primary education“. The aim of the project is to create informatics educational content in primary education and test it in ten schools before summer 2018.

In cooperation with Vilnius University and Education Development Center ten schools are developing and testing teaching and learning material, sharing their best practices, giving suggestions on informatics educational content and curriculum in primary education.

“Informatics in primary education“ project is creating an open teaching material to help improve informatics education in primary school by taking into account international experience and in cooperation with education community, business and public organizations.

The project “Informatics in primary education“ is based on curriculum ideas developed by researchers, teachers, education experts and businessmen. In 2016 Ministry of Education and Science gathered this group of professionals to create curriculum project of informatics in primary education.